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As of:  8 April 2004 

Well, I've gotta do it.

I've gotta develop another 'Links' page.

This time for all things Alaskan (well, ya gotta go through Canada to get there, so...).

Some sites I'll need for my trip, some are just interesting,
and some are just for the heck of it. 

I'll try to organize them so they're easy to find.

If you know of other sites, email me.


I Love Alaska!

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OFFICIAL ALASKA SITES has a great description of most of Alaska's highways with super mile-by-mile guides.
Just click on the I Love Alaska! logo above & have fun!
WOW!  Online Highways has a great site for exploring the highways and byways of Alaska.
Alaska has an official website that's just chock full of information.
We're planning a trip via the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Denali and then on to Fairbanks with a return to Anchorage.  An absolute for anybody visiting Alaska.
For everything Alaskan, go to  It even has up-to-date temperature and weather information.
Our daughter, Shannon, is gonna fly up to meet us for a couple of weeks.  Naturally, she's using Alaska Air & their partners for all her travel plans.
Before we even get to Alaska, we'll visit Hyder, Alaska and its sister city, Stewart, British Columbia.
We'll drive down to Skagway, Alaska and, after spending a few days there will, take either the Chilkat native-owned ferry  or the Alaska Marine Highway ferry over to Haines
Tok, Alaska is the first town in the main body of the state that we'll visit an the last on our way to Chicken and Eagle, Alaska.
Glenallen is another town we'll visit more than once as its a crossroads town.
Seward, Alaska on Resurrection Bay is another place we'll visit.
Eagle River is one of those neat places we'll use as a base camp for exploring the surrounding countryside.
Soldotna, Alaska also on the Kenai Peninsula will definitely be a stop on our trip..
One of my favorite places in Alaska is the quaint little town of Homer at the end of the Kenai Peninsula which goes by the motto: "If you haven't visited Homer, you haven't done Alaska!"  We'll spend at least a week there. &, there's even a Homer Guide web site that covers Homer, Seldovia, and the surrounding peninsula.
NEW (29 March 2004)  We'll be away from our RV so will stay a week at Land's End Resort on the spit in Homer.
From its quaint Russian Orthodox church on a promontory to its tiny 'cars forbidden' streets, Ninilchek just up the road from Homer on Cook Inlet is another of those little fishing villages of the Kenai Peninsula one must visit.
Beyond the end of the road and across the bay from Homer is Seldovia, "Alaska's best kept secret."  We'll load the bicycles on the ferry (or take the MG across) and enjoy a day trip.
There are several good sites about Anchorage:    Wild About Anchorage
                                                                       Anchorage OnLine
A "must see" is Denali National Park (called Mount McKinley everywhere except in Alaska).  We're planning an ascent on the mountain while we're their.  Okay, we're renting a small plane to fly us to the top of the mountain!  
Our trip to Fairbanks where we lived for 3 years while I was on the faculty of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks will be like going home again.
Fox, Alaska is home to one of my favorite restaurants, the Turtle Club, where the prime rib is unbeatable - guaranteed!
Palmer alaska will be our base while we explore the Mat-Su Valley.
Valdez, Alaska on Prince William Sound will be a long weekend of just relaxing.
Seems Delta Junction, Alaska is one of the towns we'll go through more than once.  We'll visit friends who live there and we'll travel up and down the highways that go through it.
Chicken, Alaska is another of those quaint places one must visit to make the Alaska adventure complete.
And, so long as you're in the Chicken neighborhood, you must visit Eagle, Alaska before heading back into Canada.
The FAA's Alaska Weather Cam site has weather camera photos from all over the state that are updated every few minutes and compared to a clear day photo.
The Alaska Scenes website is a great place to go for trip planning.  Its a site about Alaska by an Alaskan.
The twin communities of Hyder, Alaska - Stewart, Canada will definitely be one of our stops along the Cassier Highway.  Hopefully, we'll be able to spend a few days at the Bear River RV Park in Stewart.
Between Soldotna, Ninilchik, Homer, Seldovia and other points, we're gonna spend a lot of time on the Kenai Peninsula so thought I'd add its website.
The Alaska Fjordlines web site for the catamaran between Haines/Skagway and Juneau is a must for somebody planning a quick trip down the peninsula.
In case anybody wants to volunteer at an Alaska State Park, I've added the website.
Added the 'Ultimate Alaska Coupon Book' site for some savings off ticket prices.
Travels with Jim & Mary is a super site with dialogue and photos describing their 2000 trip through Alaska and western Canada.  It'll get your blood pumping!
The Gypsy Journal RV travel newspaper.
Don't know who developed the site, but Road Trips, Etc. is a good reference for prepping a vehicle for and driving to Alaska.  There are great photos, a good section on GPS, and helpful hints for packing for a trip of this magnitude.
The 'travel section' of Bob Yelavich's "Follow the Yelavich Road" website has a neat description of his 1999 trip to Alaska.
And, the 'travel section' of Thomas Palka's "Slackerdom" website chronicles his Alaska travels.
John Bodger took off on a trip he calls his "Driving on the Edge Tour" on which he drove from Alaska all around the edge of America.  In some ways, I can identify with him when he writes: "I had turned 50, retired from my job with the State of Alaska, my house was sold, and it was time to move on."
Ed Noonan's Tailwinds magazine for the bicycling crowd has an interesting article on his Alaska to Florida bicycle adventure along with some beautiful photos of Alaska and Canada.
As with anything, there are bulletin boards for the RV-ing crowd.  One, for "full-timers", has some pretty good advice for those of us wishing to see Alaska.
Inspiration's Journey, the web site of a single Texas lady traveling around Alaska is simply inspiring.  Love her photos; they really capture the moment.
Travels with Dorothy & Walt is another great day-by-day trip planning assistant.  Great photos also!  You'll have to scroll down to find their Canadian & Alaska journals.
Alaska 2001, the Travelogue of the Trip describes a Dutch couple's trip to Alaska.  Though they 'hoteled' it, there are some very good tips on the site.
ExploreNorth is a great web site covering Alaska and the Yukon/Northwest Territories in canada.  A must read!
NEW (9 February 2004)  Added a web site from the Hessey Family, Australian travelers to Alaska.  Great photos!
Alaska Magazine.  'Nuff said!
I just found the North! to Alaska magazine's website.  There's so much to that site that it'd take forever to describe.  Just visit it & see for yourself.  However, while perusing it, I ran across their site covering their recent jaunt down the Stewart-Cassiars Highway and am still wandering around it it!
As I'm getting excited about a trip down the Icefields Parkway in Canada, I've run across a website aobut accomodations/points of interest along it.
Just found Rocky Mountain House, an interactive web site from the town of the same name that helps with camping/RV sites throughout Alberta.
One of my favorite highways in Canada is the Stewart-Cassiar Highway.  I've always driven it alone; this time I'm looking forward to sharing it with Jerri.
At the northern end of the Cassiars Highway is Watson Lake, Yukon Territory and its 'signpost forest'...maybe I'll add a Gurley, Alabama sign! 
Dease Lake will be one of our stops along the Cassiars.  (Hmmm, I remember a cool night in Dease Lake in my sleeping bag on one of my solo trips up the Cassiars back in the late-80's.)
Dawson City, Yukon is just across the Alaska/Canada border from Chicken, Alaska.  Also, in Dawson City, the
NEW (1 Apr 2004) Bonanza Gold Motel & RV Park web site.
One of my favorite places to just stop and relax on the Alaska Highway is at milepost 456 in British Columbia.  It is  Muncho Lake, home to Canadian Stone Sheep and some of the best fishing around.
Whitehorse and the entire Yukon Territory are places I look forward to exploring once again.
Just learned about a neat little museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, the Reynolds-Alberta Muesum.  Its supposed to be home to an excellent car/motorcycle/airplane collection.
The Vancouver Travel website is really about the whole of British Columbia - lots of great resource information for RV-ing throughout the province.
The GoNorth website is just photos - beautiful photos - that's all I can say except I've still not gotten through all of them!
Whoa!  Just found Karo Enterprises website that lists RV parks in Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, & northern British Columbia.  Almost an electronic Milepost!
When we decided to RV to Alaska, we purchased a used 30' 1995 Airstream Land Yacht LE.
We soon learned that if you own an Airstream of any sort, you must join the Wally Byam Caravan Club - hey, we even have our own number!
Then we visited a Camping World super center to outfit our 'rig' for the trip.
Wherever we travel, we'll always check the nearest military installations for overnight RV parking.  You'd be surprised what's available in their "Paths Across America" program for active duty & retired military RV'ers.
Just added to my links page.  Good BBS on RV-related issues. 
And, of course, there's the Escapees BBS.  Great place!
The Army's Seward Resort for RV camping in Seward.  
The Gypsy Journal website is one I've begun perusing.  We may well subscribe before setting out.
For those of us traveling with satellite TV, I added DigitalSat's website.  Chock full of information on how to orient your dish to pick up a satellite while in Canada.
Added the Weather Channel's website so I can check average temperatures in areas we'll be traveling & also to keep up with current conditions.
In Chilliwack, BC is the Cottonwood Meadows RV Country Club where we'll leave our RV for a week.
NEW (30 Mar 2004)  The Good Sam Club web site.
NEW (30 Mar 2004)  Parkview RV Center (888-867-6966) in Smyrna, DE where I get all my Airstream repair parts


Alaska Fjordlines  Catamaran service between Haines & Juneau:  P.O. Box 246 - Haines, AK 99827 - 1-800-320-0146 -
Alaska Marine Highway:  Juneau: (907) 465-3941; Anchorage: (907) 272-7116; Central reservations: 1-800-642-0066
Chilkat Cruises:  Haines-Skagway water taxi (in event Alaska Marine Highway is booked):  142 Beach Rd - Haines, AK 99827 - (907) 766-2100
Alaska Railroad: (907) 265-2504


Denali National Park:  Talkeetna Ranger Station:  (907) 683-2294


Memphis, TN:  Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park:  (870) 735-9770
Hyder, AK/Stewart, CN:  Bear River RV Park:  (205) 636-9205
Skagway, AK:  Pullen Creek RV Park:  (800) 936-3731; (907) 983-2768
                        Skagway Mountain View RV Park:  (888) 778-7700; (907) 983-3333
                        Garden City RV Park:  (907) 983-2378 
Haines, AK:  Salmon Run RV Park: (907) 766-3240
                    Port Chilkoot Camper Park: (800) 542-6363; (907) 766-2000
                    Oceanside RV Park: (907) 766-2437
                    Haines Hitch-Up RV Park: (907) 766-2882
Tok, AK:  Northern Lights RV Park:
Seward, AK:  Seward Army Resort: (800) 770-1858; (907) 224-5559
Homer, AK: Anchor Point RV Park: