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theAutoist Takes Off:

        A crazy, Texas internet buddy, Peggy (of Inspiration's Journey), recently returned from a great trip to Alaska.  I consider her Alaska trip web site the epitome of sites - she's the standard I must measure up to.  Her notes, photos, and journal entries kept me hanging on for her next installation.  Actually, when I felt she hadn't updated her website in a timely manner, I emailed her to let her know I needed another 'fix'.
        Jerri and I devoured her every word; we hung onto her photos; we traveled with her.  And now that we're getting ready to take off on our own adventure, I want to emulate her site where possible (I hope you don't mind, Peggy!)  So, we'll let you see what we see, feel what we feel, love or hate what we love or hate as we take off on this 6-month, 15,000 mile adventure.
        Somewhere along the way, our daughter - Shannon - will join us for a couple of weeks.  This journal is primarily for her since she's trapped in her office playing lawyer.  The last time we took off on an Alaskan adventure, she posted a little handwritten and colored note to the back windshield of our car.  "Alaska or Bust" it proclaimed.  And she painted every state or Canadian province we visited yellow with one of her highlighters.  This journal will allow her to emotionally do the same.
        So, ride along with us as we make the conversion from the working class to the retired class.