Filling Your Transmission
- Gerry Masterman
As of:  16 April  2006 

        Ever wonder just who designed the top fill transmission to go in our MGB's?  

        Bet you have even mentioned him and his mother when you are laying on the floor of your B, trying your damnedest to get the oil in the out of sight hole on the top of the tranny without spilling oil all over your hands and new carpet.  

        Tried the long funnels and hose trick only to realize that you need three hands in a space big enough for one?  

        Or the turkey bastor idea only to find that the bastor drips oil on the carpet on it's travel between the oil bottle and the tranny?  

        Well, lend me your ear an I'll tell you THE way to do it without all the hassle and mess.

       What you see above is the answer. 

        Go to your local auto parts house and pick up the little suction pump meant for filling rear axles.  It screws on a gallon jug of 90 weight oil.  I use an empty gallon oil jug, add the correct amount of oil to go in the tranny and screw the pump on the jug.  The long discharge hole will reach the tranny just fine if you just set the jug on the passenger side floor. 

        All you have to do then is pump the handle and the oil goes where it is supposed to.  If you have measured the correct amount into the jug, you just pump until the jug is empty.  The clear vinyl hose allows you to see the oil flowing into the tranny.  When you're done, if you have a few minutes to kill, just let the hose drain into the tranny till there are no drips, carefully remove the whole works from the car, check the level with the dipstick, button everything back up and you're done. 

        By the way, this works great for the late side-fill tranny's as well, and of course the rear axel, too.  In fact, once you buy this gadget, you will wonder how you ever got by without it!