- Gerry Masterman
As of:  16 April  2006 

Yep, you know the sound. 

        That's the sound of your floor jack handle hitting the side of your beloved baby. 

        You cover your eyes with one hand and slowly spread your fingers just enough to be able to peek through while thinking "Oh, shit, did it chip the paint?" 

        Get chills up your spin just thinking about it? Well, here's how to avoid that horrible sound. 

        Run down to your local hardware store or building supply and buy a piece of foam water pipe insulation of the proper size to go around your jack handle.  My small jack needed 3/4" and my big jack required 1-1/2".  Whack a piece off long enough to cover 3/4 of the jack handle and press it on.  The stuff I used had some glue along the seam protected by some peel off tape.  I peeled the tape off and stuck the two ends together and I was done.

        No more KALUNK!