Longer Tap Handles
- Gerry Masterman

As of:  16 April  2006 

        Today, I needed to be able to tap a 10-32 hole in a spot that my normal tap handle could not reach. This is what I did to get through the job.

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Looking at my 10-32 tap I saw that I needed a square receptacle for the handle end of the tap to fit into.  I pulled a scrap piece of 1/4" stainless steel tubing from my scrap bin and went to work.  First, after clamping my tube in the vice, I took a long #2 Phillips screwdriver bit, and drove it into the end of the tube with a couple of licks on a hammer.  This leaves the four corners from the screwdriver bit embossed into the inside of the tube.


Mvc-009f.jpg (56444 bytes)

Next, I took a square, 1/8" easy-out and drove it into the tube, taking care to match the corners of the easy-out with the embossed corners the screwdriver left.  After a couple of whacks, the easy-out was stuck in place, so I took the tube out of the vice, laid the end and easy-out down flat on the anvil, and hit the side of the tube once on each of the flats of the easy-out.  This squares up the tube and allows the easy-out to become free.  I then put the tube back in the vice, drove the easy-out home again, then loosened it again as before.  After about three of these actions, I had a neat square end on the tube that fit the end of my tap just perfect.  

        I then bent the other end of the tube into a 90 degree angle for use as a handle and I was done. Tubing is cheap easy to work. Stainless is great, copper may not be as good because it is softer, steel should work as good as stainless.

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