Quick Tips
- Gerry Masterman
As of:  16 April  2006 

Overheating?  Not sure if the dash gauge is right?  To be sure, I mounted a 20-240 thermometer on my top radiator tank.  It used a typical drain cock fitting soldered to the top tank and just screws in place.  Now there is no doubt!  With a 1950 engine I had to be sure!


Are your eyes as tired as mine?  I got around the tiny wiring diagrams by having the one for my cars enlarged to 18"x30", and then laminated along with the legend that goes with it.  It hangs on my shop wall so I can easily trace the lines.  I also use the dry erase markers to color code circuits as I check them out and then just wipe the marks off when I done!  This was well worth the $5 or so for each one!