As of:  2 September  2002 

        This one is a pretty straight forward modification: unbolt the old MG calipers, bolt on the new Rover calipers.

        Well, maybe not a direct switch.  The MG caliper bolts aren't large enough for the holes in the Rover calipers.  So, I used Triumph TR8 bolts.  Other than that, it was a snap.

        The brake pads I'm using have an electrical "low brake pad" sensor built in.  So, I'll use the brake light in the radio console to notify me when my pads are reaching the replace point.  That's a simple wiring modification.  More to come on it...

        The Rover calipers will accept a wider rotor so I'm using an MGB GT V8 rotor.  But, first, I'll cross-drill them for better cooling.  More to come...