tools from trash
  5 May 2003 

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These little tools are actually made from junk, but "Tools From Trash" just seems to flow better. In case you don't know the difference between junk and trash: Junk has possibilities, never throw away any of your junk. Trash is your wife's junk, throw it out with the wire insulation pieces you stripped off, used oil filters, and trash like that so you have more room for your junk.
I made these spring pullers from old choke and throttle cable ends 35 to 40 years ago and they save me some time and trouble every now and then yet today. The T-handled one will take a tremendously hard pull for two reasons. First, the handle is big and metal; second, take close notice of the hook. See how the crotch of the hook is extremely close to the straight part of the wire? That keeps the pull force in line with the wire and also keeps the hook from straightening in the hardest pull. I've made some very hard pulls on headlight mount springs and various return springs and it has never failed. The hook wire beside it won't take near the punishment, but works well for lighter pulls in tighter areas.
The two long ones were made for special purposes and I don't remember what the situations were; they were one time uses. I left the wires long so I could re-bend them to serve another purpose some time, but have never had to change them. They're still good for reaching into tight places and hooking a wire out were you can reach it and things like that.

"John Dandy"

(theAutoist NOTE:  John Weimer's new "nom de plume")