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(Conversion & Restoration Details)
As of: 11 July 2008

Since things change as work progresses, when I finalize a part of the car, I'll provide  a complete listing of the modifications/changes that were actually made.  

        There are 2 sections one can visit from here:

SPECIFICATIONS - Comparison of factory car to theAutoist's car general specs.

MODIFICATIONS - What I'm doing different from the factory.


A comparison of the factory car to my car

     1979 FACTORY    theAutoist
 Weight (curb/test):    2590 lbs  
 Overall length:    12ft 9.2in  
 Steering Turns
   3.5    2.9
 Front Brakes

   10.75in disc w/2-pot calipers

   10.75in disc w/4-pot calipers

 Rear Brakes:

   10in drums

   10.5in 1985 Saab 900 Disc w/2-pot calipers

Parking Brake    Cable operated.    Cable operated Wilwood spot mechanical caliper.
 Shocks:    Armstrong lever shocks at 4 corners, integral upper control    arm at the front, linked to leaf spring retaining plate at the rear.    GAZ tube coil-over shocks at 4 corners with no springs on rear shocks.
 Engine:    4 cylinder in line, pushrod ohv.    Rover 4.2 liter aluminum alloy V8
 Carburetor:    Single Zenith-Stromberg (though I had converted it to dual HIF-4's w/Peco header)    Quad SU-44's on a Boxer 2-piece cross flow intake manifold
 Transmission:    Four speed manual, all synchromesh    Five speed manual, all synchromesh
 Final Drive:    Live axle, hypoid bevel gears, 3.909:1    Live axle, hypoid bevel gears, 3.07:1
 Wheels    14" x 4.5" Rostyle  





+ Transmission tunnel modified for V-8 conversion.
+ Inner front fenders modified for RV8-style exhaust
+ Inner fenders modified for better air flow over headers through Shelby Cobra fender vents.
+ Rubber bumpers removed & body converted to  pre-'68 chrome bumper style.
+ Fiberglass front fenders modified for new Mini Cooper headlight units.
+ Fiberglass Sebring front valance w/integrated brake  vents.
+ Rear custom fiberglass Sebring valance with recessed license plate & exhaust openings.
+ Custom aluminum egg crate grille in reshaped grille opening.
+ Custom MGC fiberglass hood w/enlarged GT6 'hump'.
+ Side trim, side marker lights, badges removed.
+ Door/trunk handles shaved & remote locks installed.
+ Early 2-piece taillights w/amber upper lens & integrated backup lights.
+ Custom front turn signal light assemblies.
+ 'Windblocker'.
+ Packaway top frames.
+ Non-vented gas tank centered under trunk; sending  unit moved to front of tank.
+ All emissions controls removed.
+ Gas and brake lines relocated from underneath car to inside transmission  tunnel.


+ Fuse block moved into passenger compartment utilizing Ian Pender kit.
+ Ignition & battery relays modernized with Hella plug-ins.
+ Custom solid state voltage stabilizer by Wray Lemke.
+ 45amp GE Delco alternator.
+ Wiring harness run outside engine compartment under passenger fender.
+ Rear main wiring harness relocated from underneath car to under passenger  seat.


+ Custom Biscuit interior:
     = Mr. Mike's leather Pontiac Fiero seats w/Infinity  speakers & built-in racing harnesses.
     = Fiero arm rests
     = Dash & all interior trim dyed Biscuit to match seats
+ SAFE QUIP 5-point racing harnesses.
+ Moto-Lita 14" wood steering wheel.
+ Burlwood dash kit added to dash & console.
+ Jaguar XJ12 instruments (160-mph speedo, 7000rpm tach,  amp, oil pressure, temp, fuel).
+ Clock relocated to radio console in lieu of cigar lighter.
+ Trunk area carpeted.



+ 1975 MGB steering assembly (2.9 turns 'lock-to-lock').


+ Doug Jackson composite springs.
+ Doug Jackson panhard bar.
+ Doug Jackson anti-tramp bars.
+ Custom built 'top hats' frame/ spring hanger  reinforcement.
+ MGC 3.07:1 gears in rebuilt MGB rear end.
+ Original anti-sway bar.
+ GAZ adjustable tube shocks.
+ Poly bushings.


+ 3/4" Ron Hopkinson sway bar.
+ New king pins.
+ Vertically offset swivel axles by MG LTD.
+ Hawk Cars & Hoyle Engineering Ltd coil-over shock suspension kit.
+ Modified front suspension cross member
+ Polyurethane bushings.
+ Front hubs shaved 5/16".
+ Front rotors cross-drilled to lighten.
+ Original suspension beam cross-drilled to lighten.



+ Glenn Towry-built Rover 4.2L Rover V8 engine:
     = Late Rover 3.9L block with cross-drilled 4-bolt main  bearings.
     = Rover 4.2L 'long stroke' crankshaft.
     = Rover 5.7" 4.2L 'long stroke' rods.
     = A&E Hepalite 3.9L short stroke pistons shaved .080" off top & 1/8" off bottom with moly rings.
     = Triumph TR8 carbureted heads with combustion chambers relieved, oversize 1.625" intake valves &
        1.325" exhaust valves, ported, polished, decked.
     = Chevrolet small block valve springs with 95 pounds  on valve seats.
     = Double roller timing chain.
     = Isky 270 cam with Isky 'anti-pump up' lifters.
     = All reciprocating parts balanced & blueprinted.
                Bore: 3.7"
                Stroke: 3.0"
                10.5:1 compression.
     = Oil galleys opened to at least 1/2".
     = Neoprene seals.
     = Brass freeze plugs.
     = Morosso spark plug wires.     
     = 11 pound aluminum billet flywheel with 10-1/2" Rover  SD-1 Borg & Beck clutch.
+ Buick 216 V8 distributor upgraded to Pertronix ignitor electronics.
+ Nippon Denso/TS Imported Automotive 'Hi-Torque' 4.44:1 gear reduction starter.
+ BOXER intake manifold w/4 HIF 44 Carb's: modifications are:
      = Halved throttle spindle
      = Butterfly knife-edged
      = Throttle-fixing screw-heads and shafts countersunk and cut  down, smoothed off, (Loctite threadlock used of course)
      = Carb body ported around intersection with dashpot bore
      = Piston leading and trailing edges smoothed, to eliminate sharp leading/trailing edges
      = General smoothing of any sharp edges or manufacturing errors  such as casting flash.
      = Carb inlets smoothed to match Velocity stacks (trumpets).
+ TS Imported Automotive Jet Hot ceramic coated RV8-style headers.
+ DELCO 45amp alternator.
+ Remote oil filter.
+ Rover "short" water pump with Triumph TR7 fan.


+ Rover SD-1 big bearing 5-speed transmission w/shifter  modified to fit MG tunnel when engine in 'setback'  position.
+ Modified TR6 drive shaft.



+ Axle-divided, two-circuit foot brake system.
+ Entire system converted to non-servo boosted '74 MGB  dual-line system.
+ Proportioning valve.


+ Rover SD-1 4-pot calipers.
+ MGB GT V8 original equipment rotors, cross drilled.
+ Braided stainless steel brake hoses.
+ Dust covers eliminated.


+ 1985 Saab 900 disc brakes on custom brackets.
+ Brake backing plates removed.


+ Cable operated Wilwood spot mechanical caliper on custom brackets.