Installing V8 Bushings
- Gerry Masterman

As of:  16 April  2006 


Through the years, I've heard people complaining how hard it is to install V8 bushings in MGB .  The job is really pretty simple if you go about it right.  After removing the old bushings and cleaning out the holes in the wishbone arms, I use a 3/8" bolt or stud 6" long, a couple of nuts and washers, a 1- 1/4" socket and a bit of dishwashing soap.

I clamp the head of the bolt in my vice, place a washer and then the 1-1/4" socket with the opening facing up.

I then place the wishbone arm on top of the socket with the arm angling downward.  I then take the V8 bushing, dribble a bit of soap around the outside surface and place it on top on the wishbone.  A big washer, the one off the suspension where the wishbone mounts works just fine, then the second nut screws on the bolt.

Now just use the wrench to tighten the top nut and push the bushing into the wishbone arm.  Keep turning the nut until the washer is about 1/4" from the wishbone, then back off a turn or two, take the whole thing from the vice and inspect the fit.  If the bushing is not centered you can just tighten the top nut another turn to push the bushing in a bit more.  If for some reason you have pushed it in too far, just remove the wishbone arm, turn it over on the bolt and push the bushing back using the same method that you used before.

The two secrets to this is the fact that you are pushing the bushing straight in, and the fact that you are using the dishwashing soap as a lubricant.  DOT-5 silicone brake fluid works just as well but everyone has dishwashing soap so why buy DOT-5 just for this job.  If you already have DOT-5 then feel free to use it.

        All four wishbones took less than ten minutes to do.  If you are installing the original style two piece bushings, just place one lubed bushing on the bolt, then the wishbone arm, then the second bushing, washer and nut, and tighten just as above, and you will push both bushings in at the same time.  Hope this helps someone in the future