Engine Compartment Hose Stand offs
As of:  14 November  2002 

   John's really getting into his "Weimerology" with this one.  He's actually giving away some of his engine detail secrets that allow him to win car show after car show.  Wow!

S1.jpg (35348 bytes) Here you see the makings of a stand off. Not a tall versus short, skinny viruses fat, or even a Mexican stand off, but one you may need from time to time. This type stand off can be made in several sizes and "fits like the paper on the wall every time".
S2.jpg (46649 bytes) Now and then you may need to secure a wire, wire bundle, fuel or vacuum hose or keep them away from something hot or sharp.  Or, you may just need to steady it. This is the most simple way I have found do make a neat, effective, low cost, and simple stand off. All you need is a zip tie and a piece of hose.

S3.jpg (45817 bytes)

Simply find something nearby you want to anchor to. It can be a hose, tube, or anything you can get a zip tie around or through and loop back. In my case, I had a fuel hose that wanted to lay against a heater hose; and, we all know that could cause vapor lock.  So, I made a stand off from the heater hose much like you see here.  That solved the problem, and it has worked for 8 years.
S4.jpg (26711 bytes) As you see in this example the zip tie goes through a short piece of fuel hose, around the hose to be secured, back through the short hose, and around the hose we're anchoring to. A pretty neat little 5 or 10 cent alternative for preventing a line, hose, or wire from being chaffed or overheated.

John Dandy
(theAutoist NOTE:  John Weimer's new "nom de plume")