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       This is an entirely new section where we're incorporating tech tips from several of my good buddies.  The authors are renown for their knowledge about and expertise with solving MG-related problems; and sometimes the lessons we learn out back "under the shade of a big oak tree with our trusty old yeller dawg by our side" are the ones that help us keep our little cars alive.

        So, pull up your reading chair, grab a bottle of Old Speckled Hen, throw your legs up on a foot stool and have fun with the wonderful information my guest authors developed.  Oh, also pat that old dawg on his head!

        If you see something I've screwed up in the translation or want something added, contact me.  I'm just 1 guy and not a super programmer!

Table of Contents

As of:  2 January 2007 

Prologue - 
Awakening a Sleeping MG - Tony Barnhill
Buying an MG - Tony Barnhill

Chapter 1 - General Tips

                        Aiming Headlights - John Weimer
Wheel Bearing Maintenance
- John Weimer
Reading Spark Plugs
- John Weimer
Broken Stud Removal
- John Weimer
Understanding Your Air Conditioning- John Weimer
                        Floor Jacks 101- John Weimer
                        Tools from Trash - John Weimer
Charge It, Please - John Weimer                    
Batteries 101- John Weimer
                        Oiling Control Cables- John Weimer
Quick Tips - Gerry Masterman
Longer Tap Handles - Gerry Masterman
I Don't Need No Stinkin' Posi-drive - Gerry Masterman
Kalunk! (Protecting your Car from your Floor Jack) - Gerry Masterman
Air Compressors, Media Blasting & Other Stuff - Gerry Masterman
Make Your Own Throttle Cable - Gerry Masterman


Chapter 2 - The Body

                         Bodywork 101- John Weimer
Cotter Key Trick- John Weimer
Gluing Floorboards- Chuck Cougil
Add a Crash Rail to a Metal Dash Conversion - Tom Rynne
Metal Steel Dashes - Tom Rynne


Chapter 3 - The Engine Compartment

                        Hose Stand-offs- John Weimer
                        ZS Water Chokes - John Weimer
Cleaning Heater Valves - Mark Reavis
Vacuum Testing an Engine- John Weimer
                        The DGV Weber Hesitation Expose- John Weimer
MGB Carb Choices - Tim Baxter
Pull Your Transmission Without Pulling Your Engine - Peter Gooch
Building a 1950cc MGB Engine  - Gerry Masterman
MG Distributor Identification - Gerry Masterman
Rebuild Your Carbon Canister - Gerry Masterman
Remounting Master and Slave Cylinders - Gerry Masterman
Fill Your Transmission the Easy Way - Gerry Masterman


Chapter 4 - Updating - Personalizing Your MG

                        Converting to 2-Speed Wipers- John Weimer
                        Tricks in the Trunk
  - John Weimer 
                        Stainless Steel Stalk Buttons - Gerry Masterman
Replace Your Worn Out or Missing Seat Packing Strips - Gerry Masterman

Chapter 5 - The Chassis
                        Simplified Wheel Bearing Installation- John Weimer
Installing V8 Bushings - Gerry Masterman
Getting Those Brake Caliper Pistons Out - Gerry Masterman
Easy Steering Column Repairs - Gerry Masterman

Chapter 6 - Electrical

                       MGB Voltage Stabilizer - Wray Lemke
Tootin' Your Own Horn - Wray Lemke
Using the Multimeter (Or, How I Learned to Impress my Friends) - Wray Lemke
Servicing the Wiper/Washer/OD Switch - Wray Lemke
MGB Electrical Grounds - Gerry Masterman