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        Come April 2004, I'm retiring!  And, I'm taking a long 15,000 mile trip from Alabama to Alaska and points in between.  And, I'm taking a 1979 MGB as my only car!

        Yep, we're gonna turn our house over to a young couple we know who're gonna house sit; we're hooking a trailer with one of my MG's on it to the rear of our 1996 Airstream Yand Yacht LE motorhome; and, we're heading out on the great adventure.

        As I began prepping my MG for the trip, I went through a litany of spare parts I wanted to take with me (starter, alternator, carb, distributor, extra wire wheel, etc.) when my friend Tom Bedenbaugh called me a 'winp'!  

                    "When I go on a trip I don't take so much as a screwdriver. I figure if something
                     happens then I'll just have to deal with it when I can.
  Rest assured if you took a
                     back up van with tools and parts, the only things you will have trouble with is
                     something you don't have the part for.
I figure it this way: I'm going on a trip to 
                     relax, and if something breaks then there is a shop that I could walk through
                     the repairs, if I needed to. If it's something major then I'm screwed anyway."
- Tom Bedenbaugh, owner, Imports & Sports Repair/Restoration
                                                                                                 Memphis, Tennessee


        When I start out on a trip in my 1982 Mercedes Benz 380SL, I don't load her up with spare parts.  If something were to break, I'd have it repaired.  And, what's the difference in starting out on a trip in my 380SL and my B?  Dealer network.

        To load up my RV with spare parts for my MG, is just telling her that I don't trust her to do what she's always done.  Even if my 380SL broke down and I took her to a dealer, they probably wouldn't have the parts on hand anyway.  So, what's the difference in my 380SL and my MGB?


        MGB parts suppliers are everywhere.  I've got most of their catalogs.  And, the internet hooks me up with those for whom I don't have catalogs.  And, UPS can get parts to me anywhere in the US or Canada overnight - 2 days at most.

        Hey!  Like Tom said,  "I'm going on a trip to relax..."

        But, I still need that dealer network.  Guys to whom I can take my MGB for repairs.  That's what this list is all about.  Finding mechanics and restoration shops across the continent who you trust with your little British cars.  That way, I'll have a 'dealer' network to support me in the event my B breaks down (which I don't expect).

        So, send me your input.  I'll post it below with other recommendations I've received.




Darrin's MG Service 
9318 Oso Ave
Chatsworth, CA
TEL:  (818) 882-4414
“He does all that I cannot do myself on my B's. Unless it's a tow-in emergency, you have to make an appointment a week or two in advance. At any one time there are at least half dozen LBC's in the shop. There are people who have their cars trailered from as far as 500 miles away. Honest as the day is long and been at it over 25yrs.” - Michael Deering


Glenn's MG Repair
3130 39th AVE N
St. Petersburg, FL33714
TEL:  727-521-9890
"The name says it all..." - Bob Johnson


Dempsy's Foreign Auto
1926-B Lincoln Drive
Annapolis, MD  21403
TEL:  (410) 268-5538


Brittanic Motors
110 Memorial Drive
Avon, MA 02322
TEL:  (508) 588-9241
Owner: Bob Nicholson
"Bob has owned and operated his shop since the early 70's, and has been a mechanic for several years before that. He is an expert in all aspects of MG restoration and repair. He has been doing a sort of rolling restoration of the mechanical systems (Body is OK..sorta) on my B.  An example his work on my car is online here :  with lots of pictures and descriptions. It is kept very up-to-date."


A-1 Foreign Car Repair
2924 W. Kearney
Springfield, MO 
TEL: 417-831-0332
"Never took a car there, but have talked to him....seemed very knowledgeable.....has a lot full of parts cars.  Located on the west side of town close by I-44." - Tim Holloway

Benny King
King Brothers Automotive
4517 East Jackson Blvd.
Jackson, MO 63755
TEL:  573-243-7283
"This is not especially an MG garage, but the guy is a good mechanic, likes and works on old cars too, and can fix about anything. Besides that he has a tow truck and is reasonable and honest. I've seen him take care of many quick emergency repairs ahead of something he was working on at the time. He's located about 1/2 mile West of Exit 99 off I-55 in Southeast Missouri." - John D. Weimer

John Mangles
Hi-Tech Collision
2618 Woodson Rd.
St. Louis, MO
TEL:  314-426-1600

"I highly recommend John Mangles for body & mechanical repair in the greater St. Louis area. His estimates and DIY advice are free, and he does excellent work at an unbelievable price!  He does full restoration projects, as well as just plain old tune-ups. He is ASE certified, and a member of NAMGBR and NAMGAR, as well as the local MG club (where he has served as President in the past)."
--Adam Kopff, St. Louis, MO


Classic Restorations
409 Railroad Avenue
Westbury, NY
TEL: (516) 376 - 9146

Tony, here's another MG expert garage to add to your list.

JP Autosports
5579 William St. 
Lancaster, NY 14086
TEL:  (716) 681-8955 or 861-1663

"My shop is a part time deal but when the weather up here gets good I get real busy. 
My shop specializes in show quality paint and body. We also offer maintenance on any MG's along with new, rebuilt and used parts. We offer the complete line of vinyl striping kits that were offered on the various MG models. I also teach British car auto repair at a local high school adult program. If traveling through the Buffalo NY area and have a problem or question just give me a call."
Rennsport Automotive
353 Adams St.
Bedford Hills, NY 10509
TEL:  (914) 241 3338

"Ed Light is the shop manager, and used to be in charge of parts for Aston Martin, and has lots of experience. While the shop specializes in Porsche and Mercedes, I'm not his only customer with an MG or other LBC's, and all of the guys who work there are really friendly and do a really professional job. He does all the work on my MG. Last time I was in there he had a Austin Healey 3000 and an MG TD that he was working on, and I know he does a lot of work on other British cars like Land Rover and Jaguar."
- Alex Scolnik

Tom's Mechanical Emporium
Tom Roberts
204 Burnet Ave
Syracuse, NY 13203
TEL: (315) 475-0271

"I can recommend a mechanic without any reservation; been using this guy since 1978. He's semi-retired, but working almost daily. He checks his answering machine regularly.
He's a pretty colorful and very experienced race mechanic as well. Folks around here will take him all kinds of British cars to work on and restore. The last time I was there, last summer, he was just finishing a frame off XKE, just beautiful. "
- Dave Richards


M G Automotive
3733 C. Wilmington Pike
Kettering, OH
Tel: (937) 294-7623

"Honest person owns this place. You can trust him to do the best possible.  Steve Miller-only works on Brits-mostly mg's of all ages.  Stocks many parts. " -
Larry Baygents


Obie's Import Repair
1114 SW Frazer Ave
Pendleton, OR
TEL:  541-276-2061


"When I don't have time I send work to him." - Chris Roop


Zimmerman's Exxon
North 21st Street and 11-15 Bypass
Camp Hill, PA 17011
TEL: 717-737-4317 
"For some light work I use my local Exxon Station...the owner (Tom Zimmerman) is a good friend and drives a TR6...has a mechanic on duty until 9pm  They are located in Camp Hill (Harrisburg's west shore) just off on Rts 11&15 inside the Beltway with a Wendy's and a grocery store right door next door." - Bruce Barnes

Steele Motors
700 Enola Rd
 Enola, PA
TEL:  717-697-3987

"If you need major work (I hope not, but be prepared) there is a great British Car specialist shop just north of me, again on Rts 11&15 inside the beltway in Enola, about 1 mile south of the junction of I-81 and Rts 11&15. Right across from the railroad yard in Enola, very reasonable people who would likely fall over backwards to help you out in a jam." - Bruce Barnes

Northeastern Classics
Business Route 209 
East Stroudsburg, PA
TEL: 570) 424-6379

"Don Lawson is a British car specialist with an MG fondness. He's Technical advisor to New England MGT Register. Located on Business Route 209 between East Stroudsburg and Marshalls Creek in northeastern Pennsylvania. Interstate 80 Exit 309. Follow U.S. Route 209 north to T intersection at Marshall's Creek. Left at the light onto Business Route 209 south, toward East Stroudsburg."
- Kim deBourbon


Imports & Sports Repair/Restoration - Tom Bedenbaugh
3554 Jackson Avenue (Exit 8B off I-40W on east side of city)
Memphis, TN 38122
TEL: 901-454-0655

"Tom knows British cars, his partner Tim knows Italian. If you're from out of town on a trip, they'll get right to you while you go have a hamburger across the street."
- theAutoist


Sportscar Warehouse
1310 Knight St.
Arlington TX 76015
TEL:  817-557-3493
"1 mile north of I-20 in Arlington TX. Which is in the heart of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex."
- Ed Wynne


Alan Lott
Coventry Motors
Logan, UT
TEL:  435-512-7930
"Friend of mine is opening a British car repair shop in Logan - he's just moved into a 1500 square foot garage & is picking up his 2-post lift this week.....He's one of the few guy I've trusted to work on my cars.....he's building his web site right now." - Tony Barnhill


Louis Foreign Car Service (Martin (Tino) VanderHaeghe)
517 Virginia Beach Blvd
TEL:  757-425-6513
"A hole-in-the-wall shop about three blocks from the ocean, just look for all the MG's and Triumph's out front.  Tino has been working on British cars for about 30 years, always willing to help or just talk about cars.  (also good for Volvos and sundry other non-Brit foreign stuff.)" - LCDR Brian C. Moum


8425 Pacific Hwy E.
Tacoma, WA 98422
"Clint is an ASE certified mechanic and WA state licensed emission specialist. He is very skilled with any foreign or domestic car, and very happy to work on MG's. - Nathan Hatch"

Brooklands British Car
8235 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98499
TEL:  253-584-2033
"Here in the Seattle area the local MG club likes two places - Performance Motors & Brooklands British Car. Both give tech sessions for local British car clubs and have good reps." - Jim Lema

Performance Motors
21116  67th Avenue W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036
TEL:  425-775-5670
"Here in the Seattle area the local MG club likes two places - Performance Motors & Brooklands British Car. Both give tech sessions for local British car clubs and have good reps." - Jim Lema



Auto Mann
9-1115 48th Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta
TEL:  403-243-9556
"Owned and operated by Malcolm, a Scotsman who specializes in MGB's and Mini's. He's a member of the local club, has a beautiful V8 conversion and is the guy everyone I talked with recommended. He has a small shop, is very helpful and helped get my '70B on the street when I first bought it." - Steve Dyck


Brooklands Auto
5329 1A St. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
TEL:  403-252-4255

"I haven't used them, but they are bigger and may be more likely to have parts on hand.  They've
 been in business for 35 years."
- Steve Dyck.