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  But, what are "themgsmall.gif - 1.10 KList" and "MG-dom"?  
And, how do they affect me?


      First, what is: "MG-dom".  

        You can't get there via any scheduled airline.  It doesn't occupy a physical piece of Terra Firma (though the Conch Republic at least has Margaritaville as its capital).  You don't usually have a choice in whether or not you're going though some have voluntarily entered our realm.

        While citizenship in MG-dom  is usually preordained with most of us born members, some of us do convert to MG-dom later in life.  And, while there are spouses or family members out there who call it an affliction, I call citizenship in MG-dom a blessing!!

Accept it:  YOU ARE AN MG-O-PHILE!!

Say it out loud:   I AM AN MG-O-PHILE!!

Say it again:   I AM AN MG-O-PHILE!!

One more time:


        Now, doesn't that make you feel better?  

        And, once you've said it out loud for the winds to hear, it's easier to completely cross over to our realm.  So, now that you've accepted your fate: how do you become a full-fledged citizen of this new nether-world you've finally accepted as your destiny??

        MG-dom settles over a person in one of 2 ways: it grows slowly over a period of time from the age of enlightenment; or, in one nano-second you're smacked in the head with a sports car lusting.  Either way, without conscious thought you enter. And, whichever way you get here, the transition is immediate and complete.  

        You don't do anything.  You have no power to resist.  And, citizenship is irrevocable. 

        Oh, you can pretend you're not blessed; you can drive a Miata and act like a straight-laced member of society.  But, you'll sneak into MG web sites late at night when everyone else is asleep.  Or, you'll nervously read a magazine about British cars that you've hidden inside something else as you sit at the coffee bar in Barnes & Noble.  Or, you'll watch an MG drive over the horizon in your rearview mirror while telling your passengers you're just trying to yank out a pesky nose hair.

        And, MG-dom doesn't have boundaries.  You can't run from it.  It encompasses the entire globe.  It stretches beyond language, gender, or nationality.  Its a way of life.  Your passport is your car.  Your citizenship papers are the boring, arcane MG history books you pore through during every waking minute.  

        We don't have a national anthem.  The throaty rumble of an MG's well-tuned exhaust floating out over the hillside surrounding a curvy country lane is the only music we cherish (though most anything by Jimmy Buffet sounds REAL nice during a summer evening top down drive).

        However, once completely absorbed into our dimension, you'll quickly find you need a support base.  Lucas, the Prince of Darkness, is waiting to thwart your every effort to become a productive citizen.  And, "normal" people will try to bring you back to their plane of boring existence.  Don't succumb to either.  There is hope!  And help!


       A group of MG-dom citizens who are also regular posters on the bulletin board of Skye Poier's MGB Experience website have been reaching out to find others with the same inner voice.  We help one another with technical problems, track down & retrieve little abandoned cars, cry on one another's shoulders in bad times and celebrate the exciting moments of our lives like the restoration or acquisition of another MG (yes, darling, wedding anniversaries and birth of children, also.  Jeez, women!!!). 

        As an off-shoot of that camaraderie, we put together a listing of MG-dom citizens with our contact information and what cars we own.  That way, as we're traveling across North America, we'll always have a buddy nearby in the event of a break down or other travel-related emergency or to learn about activities and sites to visit as we travel around the land.  We're about getting to know one another, admiring our cars and ensuring that the marque stays around for the next generation to enjoy.

        Then, something happened:  That listing became popular.  And,  themgsmall.gif - 1.10 KList was borne (or hatched)!!  It became so popular, in fact, that my goal for 2002 was to register members in every state in the US and every province in Canada.  Then, as always, "from the mouth of babes" came a new direction.  A young MG enthusiast in Belgium wrote me saying, "I'm 19 years old and...I am quite sure I can say that I'm a MG-o-phile."

        Well, with that short e-mail, he shocked me back to the reality of why we love our little cars: they're irresistible to MG-o-philes the world over.  I went back and reread my definition of MG-dom.:

"And, MG-dom doesn't have boundaries.  You can't run from it.  It encompasses the entire globe.  It stretches beyond language, gender, or nationality.  Its a way of life."

        How could we limit MG-dom citizenship to just our continent?  We can't; we're all in this new "middle earth" together.  And, that realization is further proof that 
themgsmall.gif - 1.10 KList has become an international MG car club!!!   

        Why do I say that? 

        Well, we visit one another in our respective homes & garages, we take trips together, we assist one another with little British car problems, and we make one another's homes/garages/businesses "vacation destinations."  Heck, we've even gotten friendly enough that we can kid one another about our cars!!  

        Now, that's more than just a list of names & addresses.  I don't know how NAMGBR (North American MGB Register) started; but, I'll bet it was something along these lines.  I think we have the potential for the same sort of organization--over time!

       Still, themgsmall.gif - 1.10 KList is only in its infancy.  But, here are some comments we're already receiving:

        "I plan to take a copy of your list with me when several of us drive our cars to St. Paul, MN. in July to attend the MG 2001 - An MG Odyssey, All Register Meet.  So, I feel responsible to place my name on the list if I plan to have a copy of the list in my car as I drive across country."  Sincerely, Bob

        "I think I will plan my next long MG trip to make sure I'm close to one of you guys."  Sam

        "I don't leave home without a copy of the list in my glove compartment."  Phil Needham, Indianapolis, IN


So, if you're ready to come out of the closet and become a citizen of MG-dom, you can add your name to themgsmall.gif - 1.10 KList..

    Please provide the following:


NAME & email address
Street Address
City, State <or> City, Province, Country
TEL:  (Area Code) Number
Year, type, color British cars

              ..............&, any info about assistance you can provide, etc.

        And, just as we're infected with MG-dom-itis, there are mechanics and restoration shops out there who are also infected.  They're around to help us with our ailment.  So, we're also compiling a list of those we - the citizens of MG-dom - trust with our 'babies'.


 International, or
Once in a "physical" area, scroll down to get to the state or province or country you're looking for. (Tony's note:  Isn't it great that we can come together like this without the necessity of checking one another's passports, without hating one another for differing beliefs, without carrying around all the baggage our politicians create.  Its just us and our MG's.)  Hopefully, someday I'll figure out how to get interactive maps up & working.    

        Good luck.  And, happy motoring through MG-dom.  Oh, as usual, photos are thumbnails; just double click on them & they'll get larger depending on the size when they were sent to me.


Oh, my daughter--the lawyer--said I should tell everyone who reads themgsmall.gif - 1.10 KList  that
 the information contained herein is designed to be used expressly by the members
and should
 not be duplicated or used by any person or business entity not a listed member for any purpose not expressly outlined in the above.

So, here we go: just click on either of the 4 areas below to enter MG-dom::