As of:  6 January  2003 

I28.jpg (34285 bytes)     Why does everybody stow the spare tire of their MGB this way?
    Because it came that way from the factory? 
    It can't be because it makes it easy to check the air pressure; nobody does that - the spare is always low when you need it.
    Because that's just the way it's done?
    Looks cute like that?


I29.jpg (31833 bytes) Why not simply air it up to about 40 psi and flop it over? It'll take it longer to loose pressure and you check it only about once every two years anyway. And, the whole area probably needs cleaning by then anyway.


I30.jpg (32918 bytes)
Shoot! Now the hold-down bolt is too long..... Why not cut a disc of plywood to the inside size of the wheel, get a proper length bolt and a big washer, and hold it down with that? Hey now that's neat isn't It? Looks sort of like a pan doesn't it? Hmmm---- That gives me an idea.


I31.jpg (31872 bytes) Why not put my small tools, wiping rags, bungee cords, and other do-dads in there and save some boot (trunk) space? Hey now, that's sweet and neat. Why didn't I think of that before? Well now my spare tire cover is going to sag in the middle and be ugly....... Or is it?


I32.jpg (50333 bytes) If I cut a disc of thin Masonite or pegboard, maybe plywood, and fit it to the spare tire cover it would support the middle and make it look good and flat. Heck, even thick cardboard would work. I think I'll give it a try.


I33.jpg (34388 bytes)
Hey! How about that? Now that looks right and the extra storage space I created is as handy as the pocket on a shirt.
If you don't have a spare tire cover you could fill the entire wheel with stuff or cut a disc to fit just inside the rim bead. You may have to notch it in order to clear a wheel weight, but hey, it beats letting all that extra space go to waste.

John Dandy
(theAutoist NOTE:  John Weimer's new "nom de plume")