Alaska Journaling

Comments I made during the planning process:

       An internet buddy  recently returned to her home in Texas from a fabulous trip to Alaska.  I consider her web site the epitome for Alaska travel sites.  Throughout her trip, she posted photos, provided information on her progress, and allowed those of us who were "Alaska wannabee's" to see into her innermost soul through her daily journal entries.

        She enticed Jerri and me with her glorious photos; she was "Odysseus' siren" ever calling us from afar to join her; she provided up-to-date travel information; and she gave strength to those of us who would soon follow in our own RV's.
        Jerri and I perused her site daily.  We 'ooh-ed' and 'ah-ed' over her photos, not once but numerous times.  We wished our retirement date would hurry and arrive.  And when Peggy didn't update her web site as often as our needed 'Alaska fix' required, we emailed to check her progress.  So, I've decided to emulate her site and "pay it forward" so you can enjoy the trip with us.

        On our
first trip to Alaska back in 1988, our daughter - Shannon - pasted a little homemade sign to the rear windshield of our car.  "Alaska or Bust" it proclaimed.  And, in our road atlas, she highlighted every state or Canadian province we visited with her yellow marker.  Unfortunately, as we're making this trip she's stuck in her office playing partner in her law firm.  She'll join us in Alaska for a week but she won't get to experience the entire adventure.  So, we'll utilize Peggy's journal system as a way for her to make the trip with us.

        And you, our loyal friends and readers?  Journey along with us as we take off  on the first adventure of our retired life!  As Willie Nelson sings, "On the road again.  I just can't wait to get on the road again..."

        Well, the trip is now history, we hope you enjoy our journal as we experienced the trip.

Links to the main portions of the journey:



I.  theAutoist Takes Off

II.  Memphis to Kansas City

III.  Across the Plains

IV.  the Badlands & Black Hills

V.  To Yellowstone

VI.  the Pacific Beckons


VII.  Into Canada

VIII.  The Alaska Highway

IX.  Dipping into Alaska



X.  Retracing our Alaska Roots

XI. The Heart of Alaska

XII. Anchorage

XIII. The Kenai Peninsula

XIV. Shannon's Visit

XV. the Marine Highway


XVI. Across Canada - Again

XVII.  the USA!